Moulding Die

Our range of products include injection moulding die for automobile parts, steel product injection moulding die, injection moulding die and steel moulding die.

Injection Moulding Die For Automobile Parts

Usage/ApplicationAutomobile PartsMaterialSteelClamping WayMechanicalFinishingMatteCavityMulti CavityRunner TypeHot Runner/ Cold RunnerWe Bring Forth A Distinguished Collection Of The Injection Moulding Die For Automobile Parts. Features: Corrosion- ... Continue

Steel Product Injection Moulding Die

Usage/ApplicationIndustrialMaterialSteelClamping WayMechanicalFinishingPolishedMould CavitySingle CavityShaping ModeInjection Mould ... Continue

Injection Moulding Die

Usage/ApplicationIndustrialShaping ModeInjection MouldMaterialSteelClamping WayMechanicalFinishingPolished ... Continue

Steel Moulding Die

Usage/ApplicationIndustrialMaterialSteel AlloyClamping WayMechanicalStructureHorizontalMould TypePunching And Shearing Mould ... Continue